A new film coater is offered for the automated, selective and precision application of conformal coating materials. The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SC-280 reportedly provides greater than 99% fluid transfer efficiency, improving material utilization by 30-50%. It selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds. Because the coating material is not atomized and is applied to the selected areas, overspray, masking, and rework associated with conventional conformal coating processes are minimized or eliminated.

“Nordson invented film coating over 20 years ago and is continuing to make evolutionary improvements to this process using our years of experience and customer feedback,” said Hector Pulido, conformal coating product specialist. “Nordson ASYMTEK’s SC-280 design is based on the popular Nordson SC-104/204 film coater, which has been an industry standard for many years. The new coater has an even faster response, is more repeatable, and the solenoid has a longer life. It’s easy to clean and is environmentally friendly. The system improves material utilization, achieves less waste, and reduces costs.”

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