Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) recently announced a supplier agreement with the American Boatbuilders Association (ABA), offering Intertape® and American® brand tapes and films to the Association’s 13-member network of boat brands.

This new partnership enables ABA members to purchase IPG products at competitive prices and provides access to specially designed programs that offer growth rebates. Members will also have access to IPG’s dedicated marine sales staff to evaluate the manufacturing process and offer improvements and cost-saving ideas.

“We are proud to form a partnership with ABA, and we are committed to delivering the IPG advantage of unsurpassed tape technology and new product development to ABA members,” said Cindy Stoner, director of Market Segments for IPG.

“We are very pleased to have struck this strategic partnership with IPG, as we believe they have developed a superior tape portfolio ideal for our members,” said Jay Patton, president of the ABA. “Our new agreement will not only make us more competitive, but also offers our builders additional options just when the marine market is looking for ways to improve their bottom line.”

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