Intertape Polymer Group® Inc. recently announced it has received a Silver Award distinction for its 36 roll IRON GRIP™ floor display, as well as an Honorable Mention for its 12-roll bundle wrap counter display from the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA).

“Our Iron Grip display is a result of our entire marketing team’s efforts and really exemplifies attention-grabbing aesthetics as a result of its unique innovation and graphic design,” said Brandon Paas, Consumer Marketing manager. “In today’s retail world, a product has only a split second to capture a consumer’s attention and we believe IPG’s Iron Grip display sets itself apart from the competition.”

“IPG’s Bundle Wrap is a unique new product for us that has hundreds of uses,” said Tim Brown, vice president of Consumer Sales. “We wanted to show these uses in action by using photos to tell the story rather than verbiage. The hope is that when the consumer sees the application photos, they will spark other ideas as to how IPG’s Bundle Wrap can be used around the home or office.”

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