OMNOVA Solutions recently announced it received a letter of commendation from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the company’s achievement of a 5.8% reduction in energy usage for 2010. As a partner in the DOE’s Better Buildings, Better Plants program, OMNOVA voluntarily developed internal targets to reduce its energy consumption by 25% over a 10-year period for all of its U.S.-based manufacturing locations.

“OMNOVA Solutions’ most recent annual report showed a 5.8% reduction in energy intensity in 2010, placing the company well on its way to meeting the pledge target,” wrote Leo Christodoulou, Ph.D., program manager, U.S. DOE. “We specifically acknowledge Mr. Doug Fox of OMNOVA’s LEAN SixSigma organization, who has worked closely with the department on this pubic/private partnership initiative.”

Under requirements of the program, OMNOVA has established energy baselines, developed an energy management plan and designated an energy leader/manager. The company must also report its progress to the DOE on an annual basis.

“We are proud to be a participant in the Better Buildings, Better Plants program in our Performance Chemicals and Decorative Products businesses,” said Kevin McMullen, chairman and CEO of OMNOVA Solutions. “As a leader in our served markets and responsible neighbor in the communities in which we operate, it is great to see the progress we’ve made in pursuit of this energy reduction goal. This is an important element of our Vision 2014 sustainability effort to reduce our environmental footprint. The leadership efforts of Doug Fox and other associates across our company have enabled us to identify potential areas for change and to enact sustainable practices.”

OMNOVA is participating in the Better Buildings, Better Plants program concurrently with its own Vision 2014 sustainability effort. The establishment of baseline metrics and integration of process improvements, which were already under way within the framework of the OMNOVA program, are reportedly included as part of the company’s involvement with the DOE program.

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