Pixelligent and Brewer Science Inc. recently announced the development of a new spin-on hardmask technology. The hardmask incorporates Pixelligent’s leading-edge nanocrystal and dispersion technologies with Brewer Science’s polymer technology. The result is a hardmask that can improve the process window while reducing line collapse, improving etch selectivity, and offering broad resist compatibility. This product is the result of two years of intense collaboration between the companies, with significant support from NIST under an $8M Technology Innovation Program award.

“We have worked very closely with Pixelligent over the past two years, and have been impressed by their unique capability for producing 2-5 nm diameter, high-purity metal oxide nanocrystals that are stably dispersed in organic media,” said Tony Flaim, CTO of Brewer Science. “Their well controlled manufacturing process reliably yields a narrow particle size distribution that is critical for the performance of our new spin-on hardmask product. We look forward to working with Pixelligent on other products enabled by their nanocrystal technology.”
“We are very proud that Brewer Science, one of the leading materials suppliers to the semiconductor industry, selected Pixelligent to be its partner,” said Craig Bandes, president and CEO of Pixelligent Technologies. “Brewer Science’s reputation and successful track record of introducing innovative products in the semiconductor industry is second to none, and the company has been a great partner. I am confident that the semiconductor industry will quickly realize the tremendous value this next-generation Hardmask offers.”

For more information, visitwww.brewerscience.comorwww.pixelligent.com.