I’m a huge fan of professional soccer, particularly the Barclay’s Premier League (BPL) in England. I follow a couple of Major League Soccer teams here in the U.S., but the amazing pace and skill of the players in the BPL makes those matches particularly exciting and fascinating to watch.

The BPL season runs from August to May, and it’s around this time of year that the sheer persistence of the players is impressive. It’s mid-season, legs are tired, injuries are niggling, and it’s cold. Watching the players slog it out in the frigid and often snowy, wet conditions is truly inspiring.

Even if the match isn’t going their way, it’s rare that any of these top-flight players actually give up-or even slow down. As Manchester United’s stalwart defender Rio Ferdinand has said on multiple occasions, “We never know when we’re beaten.” He’s not claiming ignorance; he means that the players work as hard as they can for the entire game, regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard.

I would love to be able to say that we’re at least halfway through the economic downturn that has plagued most of the world since 2008. It seems like every time we see some good news, bad news follows right behind it. Indeed, the ongoing European debt crisis provides ups and downs on nearly a daily basis.

What I can say-definitively-is that it’s truly an honor to be part of an industry that does not give up, despite harsh conditions and uncertain results. It’s inspiring to hear continued news of technology innovations, facility expansions and personnel development. And it’s exciting for all of us atASIto be able to share this great information with you. Here’s to a great 2012!