A-PAK with needle adaptor improves accuracy and lowers costs.

Adhesive Packaging Specialties Inc. (APS) recently introduced the new A-PAK® with needle adaptor, which reportedly offers the advantages of a syringe applicator to allow for pin-point accuracy. As a result, the A-PAK provides an environmentally friendly alternative. Initially designed for high-end optical/conductive materials, it is offered in sizes from 2-9 g.

The syringe has been combined with the advanced packaging technique, using a “burst” seal for instant mixing/dispensing of two-part resin systems. The A-PAK burst seal pouch is a versatile package designed to hold pre-measured amounts of unmixed resin and catalyst in quantities ranging from 1-500 g in any ratio. Materials typically packaged include adhesives, epoxies, greases, inks, lubricants, sealants, silicones and more. A-PAK features include:
  • Materials can be packaged in any ratio
  • Easily handles wide range of viscosities
  • Self-contained package
  • Mixes and dispenses reactive resin systems
  • Disposable packages (no messy cleanup)
  • Eliminates measuring and handling of materials
  • Eliminates mess and waste
  • Improved shelf life for reactive and moisture-sensitive materials
  • Industrial and consumer use
  • Lowers application costs
  • Pre-measured components assure precise, accurate, consistent proportions
  • Safe, reliable and easy one-shot usage
Additional benefits include reduced material costs, greater workplace safety, protection against moisture and fast turnaround.

“The A-PAK with needle adaptor is being introduced to help fill a need in the electronics market with high-end materials,” said Stephen Buchanan, president. “Small amounts of materials are dispensed with precision and control, which gives the operator an easy mix and use from a pre-measured kit for production and repair work. In addition, there are no spent syringes or cartridges to dispose of after use. We feel that there is a definite need with an application this precise.”

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