This company has launched a new tensilized polypropylene for specialty market segments. TPP200 is reportedly an economical clean-removal tensilized polypropylene designed for temporary holding applications of appliances and electronics. Other applications include flange masking of fiberglass parts, covering seams of medium-density fiberboard during composite production, and surface protection applications such as automotive door sills. The rubber adhesive can provide adhesion and stain/residue-free removal from painted metals, stainless steel, ABS plastic, fiberglass, and various other surfaces.

“We studied the current products on the market and incorporated customer feedback on ways to improve performance and productivity,” said Cindy Stoner, director of Market Segments. “TPP200 is a creation of innovation through collaboration with customers. IPG research resulted in developing an economical product that offers clean removability from many surfaces. This allows manufacturers to increase productivity, therefore reducing overall cost.”

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