ZEPHRYM PD 4974 is a low-VOC, high-performance polymeric dispersant designed for iron oxide pigments. The material reportedly offers excellent ability to provide formulation stability in systems containing iron oxide pigments. It shows improved dispersion stability compared to competitive materials.

In one laboratory test, the paint, comprised of 70% red iron oxide pigment by weight, an aqueous binder and 2% dispersant (Zephrym PD 4974 or competitive material), was compared for stability. The paint containing the competitive material separated after 120 hours (five days) at room temperature. The same paint formulated with Zephrym PD 4974 reportedly never separated, even after 60 days of testing, after which the test was concluded.

In addition to its ability to stabilize formulations, Zephrym PD 4974 can enhance color development and reduce or eliminate the level of thickeners in the formulation.

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