The 2011 Global Adhesives & Sealants Directory is a comprehensive buyers’ guide and resource for finished adhesives and sealants, and adhesives and sealants products. This digest-sized directory is designed to be the single-best purchasing reference for engineers, designers, managers, and purchasing agents to specify and purchase finished adhesives and sealants.

The directory begins on p. 24 with a listing of trade names. For suppliers’ contact information, see the Address Index, which starts on p. 28. Check the Markets Served box on this page for a key to the abbreviations that follow each listing.

If you’re looking for a product in a specific market and do not know the manufacturer, check out the chart on pp. 42-57, which indicates the markets served by supplier name.
To find a specific product and the manufacturer that supplies it, turn to the Product Listings on pp. 58-71, which break down adhesive products by end use and subcategories, along with the companies that supply them. In addition, the Product Index on pp. 72-73 lists each product category and its corresponding page number within the directory.

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