New SMA® 9000 series pellet masterbatches are formulated concentrates that are reportedly optimized to improve polyamide performance. The concentrates can be used for extruding and compounding, and are designed to improve the melt strength of post-consumer, post-industrial, and virgin polyamides. Beyond chain extension, they serve as compatibilizers for blends, or dispersants for contaminants, and to improve mechanical performance of the end product.


SMA 9001 was developed to modify virgin and “clean” recycle polyamide streams and impart melt strength or compatibility in polymer blend formulations. SMA 9002 can modify and compatibilize “dirty” recycle streams by repairing damage and restoring the melt strength of polyamides contaminated with more than 10% polypropylene, calcium carbonate or other materials. This can allow processors to use a higher proportion of recycled material to reduce virgin resin consumption without compromising the properties of their end product.

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