Cray Valley’s Hydrocarbon Specialty Chemicals (HSC) group has made Dymalink® the new trade name for its metallic monomers that were previously sold under the Saret® name and SR product designation. The name change applies to about 25 products and becomes effective on June 1.

Total, Cray Valley’s parent company, sold the Saret name and SR designation when it divested itself of Sartomer USA LLC on July 1, 2011. The sale included a transition window for renaming the products.

Dymalink metallic monomers from Cray Valley HSC are used as co-agents and adhesion promoters in rubber products, such as auto belts and hoses, where adhesion and dynamic properties are critical. Dymalink monomers are commonly used in peroxide-cured formulations. They also reportedly help achieve very high modulus in many sulfur-cured formulations.    

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