Xenon Corp. recently announced the formation of the Printed Electronics Test Center Network, a consortium of manufacturers, integrators and universities that will make their labs available to researchers and product developers to test ideas and processes in printed electronics. According to Lou Panico, CEO of Xenon, the purpose of the PE Test Center Network is to help jump-start the printed electronics industry by providing technology and expertise at regional test centers around the world, and by sharing research and test results among all participants.

“Printed electronics is at the intersection of several key technologies, including inks, substrates, dispensing systems and sintering processes,” he said. “Assembling these technologies and the expertise to use them can be costly and is a barrier to product development in this emerging industry. By bringing these technologies together at various labs around the world, we can help accelerate the commercialization of this important new industry.”

Panico said partners agree to make their research results transparent and available to all participants, both the labs and the other researchers. “We will, of course, respect all NDA agreements, but we believe it’s important for this industry to build a shared knowledge base of processes and applications, so every developer doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time,” he said.

For additional information, visit www.xenoncorp.com.