This company recently introduced new binder systems for use in cool roof coating applications. These systems are based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF binders, developed with Kynar Fluoropolymers of Arkema Inc., and ENCOR® flex polymers, developed by Arkema Coating Resins of Arkema Inc.

“Cool roof coatings are technically challenging but represent a fast growing market,” said Eric Kaiser, marketing director for Arkema Coating Resins. “These new systems from Arkema offer formulators the performance and value they need to develop competitive solutions for their customers.”

Currently, three systems are available, allowing greater formulation flexibility across different applications. The AC III binder system uses a Kynar Aquatec FMA-12 PVDF-based topcoat and ENCOR Flex 187 all-acrylic basecoat to reportedly provide Arkema’s highest possible level of performance and durability. It is designed primarily for the most demanding cool roof coating applications.

The AC II binder system uses a proprietary ENCOR Flex 187 all-acrylic polymer. This base and topcoat system can deliver excellent performance and meets ASTM D 6083, Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing.

The AC I binder system is an ENCOR Flex 3186 styrene acrylic system that reportedly provides a good mix of performance and value for less demanding applications.

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