This company has launched a line of new non-electrostatic guns, stainless steel pumps and plural-component metering systems for liquid applications. The newest additions to Nordson’s liquid coating line include:

  • Trilogy™ non-electrostatic spray guns, which encompass air assist airless, air spray and low volume/low pressure technologies. The guns reportedly incorporate the latest in design technology, providing excellent spray quality, the durability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments, and ease of handling and maintenance.
  • StediFlo™ pumps, which offer pressure ratios from 3:1 to 57:1 and can provide versatility and high performance to meet a range of pressure and volume requirements.
  • OptiMix™ plural component metering systems, which include high-performance pneumatic and electronic plural-component mixing and proportioning units that process both solvent- and water-based paint.

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