This company recently introduced non-electrostatic guns, stainless steel pumps and plural component metering systems for liquid applications.

“Nordson brings nearly 60 years of expertise to liquid applications, and this market is key to the long-term growth of our Industrial Coating Systems group,” said Brad Syrowski, global liquid business development manager for Nordson Liquid Systems. “For the last 18 months, we’ve been laying the groundwork for this expansion, and we are excited to offer customers in all of our geographies a more comprehensive line of liquid coating equipment.”

The newest additions to Nordson’s liquid coating line include:

  • Trilogy™ non-electrostatic spray guns, which reportedly incorporate the latest in design technology, providing excellent spray quality, the durability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments, and ease of handling and maintenance.
  • StediFlo™ pumps, which offer pressure ratios from 3:1 to 57:1 and can provide versatility and performance for a range of pressure and volume requirements.
  • OptiMix™ plural-component metering systems, which can process both solvent- and water-based paints.

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