This company has expanded its line of planetary dual dispersers (PDDM), offering more sizes of this mixing system designed for high-viscosity and high-solids applications. These hybrid planetary mixers are comprised of four agitators—two planetary stirrers and two high-speed dispersers—all rotating on their own axes while orbiting the mix vessel on a common axis. Pictured are two 200-gal PPDMs, which can also function as a classic double planetary mixer as the dispersers are easily removable for extreme flexibility. 

The saw-tooth blades on each high-speed shaft can provide an intensive shearing action that can be used for rapid dispersion and particle size reduction. The planetary stirrers continually turn over batch material, feed fresh product to the high-speed blades and promote heat transfer throughout the different areas of the mixing zone. The units shown include sidewall and bottom scrapers to further ensure superior uniformity of temperature and composition.

The PDDM reportedly offers precise control over shear levels and flow patterns because the agitators are independently driven and controlled. Compared to single-shaft dispersers and multi-shaft mixers consisting of agitators with a fixed axis of rotation, the PDDM reportedly operates over a wider viscosity range up to several million centipoise. Solids are quickly incorporated even into an already thick starting liquid, and stubborn agglomerates are broken down effectively regardless of the product’s flow characteristics.

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