LORD recently announced it has opened a subsidiary in Buenos Aires. “Given the possibilities offered by the market in Argentina, it may account for 10% of the company’s sales in South America over the next four years,” said Paulo Steiner, new business development manager in South America. In 2011, sales in Argentina accounted for 5% of the company’s business in the region.

Just like in Brazil, the largest consumer of adhesives produced by LORD in the neighboring country is the auto parts sector. “There is also a huge potential for the replacement of bolts and rivets used in buses, trucks and boats by structural adhesives that make vehicles lighter and increase the impermeability of the final product,” Steiner said.

He also reportedly sees many opportunities for LORD to provide its products to Argentine companies in the segments of mining, agricultural machinery, pulp and paper, and particularly oil and natural gas, which is a market that has been receiving heavy government investments since 2010. “The local government has demonstrated that its main partner for technological and industrial development will be Petrobras, rather than the European players. This will benefit all manufacturers of raw materials based in South America.”

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