The 2012 edition of the Guide to the Business of Chemistry is now available. The guide reportedly provides a detailed economic profile of the chemistry industry and its contributions to the U.S. and world economies.

“Chemistry is the foundation of everything around us,” said Kevin Swift, the publication’s lead author and American Chemistry Council chief economist. “Chemistry goes into building insulation, lightweight vehicle parts, solar panels, automotive and industrial lubricants, and energy-efficient appliances. Nearly every sector of the economy and virtually everything we touch is connected to the products of chemistry. This comprehensive guide breaks those relationships down by the numbers. Whether its data on jobs, capital investment, imports/exports or energy use and consumption, you’ll find it in this guide.”

The guidedivides the $760 billion business into five types of production: basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. It highlights the distinct characteristics of each segment, including growth dynamics, markets, new developments and other issues.

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