This company recently announced two options for its Liquamelt® adhesive system: a bulk-feed option that can eliminate the need for on-floor staff to refill the adhesive reservoir and a gateway I/O option that reportedly allows the system’s operation to be monitored by the packaging machine control system.

The bulk-feed capability is reportedly accomplished by the delivery of Liquamelt adhesive in a large container that is replaced when emptied. Typically, hot-melt adhesive is dispensed from the hot tank of a conventional system or from a reservoir close to the hot-melt system. The bulk delivery option can allow containers to be located remotely and the adhesive to be transferred from the sealed containers to the packaging machines through common non-heated fluid hoses.

The gateway I/O option reportedly enables external communication and provides machine health status. It can allow monitoring of the adhesive system by the OEM equipment and ensure efficient and reliable line operation.

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