Complete mixer packages for fast and efficient dispersion of bulk solids in large batches are available from this company. The 1000-gal dual-shaft mixer with inline solids/liquidCHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Dual-Shaft Mixer300 injection manifold (SLIM) and recirculation skid has a rotor/stator that reportedly generates a powerful vacuum for drawing solids into the mix chamber.

Bulk solids are charged into the SLIM’s feed hopper, while liquids are introduced into the batch mixer. The inline SLIM mixer reportedly acts like a pump and recirculates the liquid; when the solids inlet valve is opened, the rotor draws powders into the incoming liquid stream and expels the resulting dispersion through the stator openings at high velocity. All solids can be quickly injected while the liquid is relatively low viscosity.

As the product thickens, the agitators in the mixer are engaged to incorporate minor ingredients and finish the mixture. For applications where peak viscosity is significantly high, a supplementary pump may be supplied to continue recirculating the batch material and transport it to downstream equipment at the end of the mixing cycle.

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