A new website from this company is designed to educate end users on the problems that threadlockers solve, available strengths and grades, how to apply and remove threadlockers, the correct strengths for specific applications, and technical information on specialty grades for specific industrial applications.

Loctite® threadlockers can increase the reliability of threaded assemblies used in applications ranging from heavy industrial equipment to delicate electronics. When restricted from oxygen, these adhesives reportedly solidify in the threads of the fastener, locking the nut and bolt together and protecting against vibrational loosening and thermal expansion. Threadlockers can also seal assemblies against corrosion and leakage. 

By clicking on the featured product link “Loctite Threadlockers: Reliable and Removable,” visitors to the site can get information on the four available threadlocker strengths: high-strength red, medium-strength removable blue, low-strength purple for small threads, and preassembled wicking grade green. Information is also available on food grade, mil-spec, plastic bonding, and health/safety specialty formulations.

For additional information, visit www.loctitethreadlockers.com.