Appli-tec Inc. recently announced it has reached an agreement with Raytheon Co. to manufacture a family of advanced aerospace-grade adhesives based on Raytheon’s proprietary designs. These adhesives will be marketed under the Appli-thane™ brand and are formulated for outstanding performance in space applications and high-performance electronics assemblies.

“We are very excited to be able to offer Raytheon’s specialty adhesive solutions to companies across the aerospace, defense and high performance electronics industries,” said Tim Walsh, president and CEO of Appli-tec. “Raytheon is highly regarded for its industry-leading adhesive technology and commitment to customer success, which aligns well with Appli-tec’s focus on high-reliability applications, and best-in-class quality products and services.”

In addition to manufacturing and marketing Raytheon’s adhesives to third parties, Appli-tec will continue to manufacture these products for Raytheon’s internal use in aerospace business applications.

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