FLEXcon recently announced a collaboration initiative with NeXolve, a wholly owned subsidiary of ManTech International Corp. and manufacturer of high-performance polymer materials, to help expand two commercial solutions: Thermalbright® polyimide and CP1 polyimide. FLEXcon uses its equipment to coat NeXolve technologies onto other films to make multilayer roll products. The roll products are used to develop finished components that NeXolve and its clients use in various industries. 

“FLEXcon has worked successfully with a number of organizations and individuals, from engineers and designers to scientists, to help them develop commercially viable products for a variety of industries,” said Shirley Monte, Business Development manager for FLEXcon. “This partnership combines NeXolve’s scientific capability to turn chemistries into innovative applications with our manufacturing expertise and solutions, successfully bringing their products to market.”

“We need to partner with a manufacturer that can deliver an array of solutions designed to fit the specific needs of our customers from a variety of industries,” said Garrett Poe, program director, NeXolve. “By forming this strategic relationship with FLEXcon, we are able to provide a unique set of finished products to serve the electronics, industrial and aerospace markets.

For additional information, visit www.FLEXcon.com or www.mantech.com.