This company has announced the commercial availability of 90iSC, a high-reliability, lead-free solder alloy intended for demanding high-temperature applications. The new alloy, which reportedly addresses the drawbacks certain products experience with traditional SnAgCu (SAC) alloys, has been proven as a viable lead-free solution for applications where extremely high reliability is required.

“In working to develop this unique alloy, it was critical to ensure processability that was much like a traditional SAC alloy, but temperature cycling performance that was superior to SAC and consistent with or better than conventional SnPb solders,” said Mark Currie, Global Product manager. “When applied in high operating temperature environments, SAC alloys generally have not delivered on the demanding reliability requirements. It was imperative to design a lead-free alloy that overcame SAC’s shortcomings and matched or exceeded SnPb’s reliability attributes.”

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