Henkel Loctite Corp. has introduced new Multicore LF320, a lead-free solder paste optimized for reflow in air on a wide range of PCB assembly applications. Multicore LF320 requires a minimum peak reflow temperature of only 229 degrees C vs. the common 240 degrees C minimum. This 10 degrees C advantage provides a comfortable safety margin when reflowing temperature sensitive components. Higher t assembly designs can be reflowed in air at up to 260 degrees C. With a print speed range of 25 to 100mms-1 and an abandon time of up to two hours, the paste offers excellent wetting on a wide range of surface finishes. The solder paste has been formulated to provide high resistance to slump and solder balling. Typical end use applications include automotive, telecommunications, consumer products, and computer assemblies such as mother boards and back planes. It is classified as ROMO (J-STD 004) and meets or exceeds Bellcore GR-78-CORE tests for electromigration.

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