Henkel Corp. recently announced it has reportedly become the first adhesives manufacturer to demonstrate the ability of its products to meet stringent chemical testing protocol developed by Cree Inc. for use with its high-performance LED lighting components. Henkel collaborated with Cree to identify, test and validate a range of Loctite® adhesives to determine their performance in direct and indirect LED assembly applications.

Cree reviewed and verified the results of the tests conducted by Henkel and confirmed that numerous Loctite adhesives, sealants, potting materials and threadlockers satisfy the chemical compatibility testing protocol identified in the Cree® LED Solution Provider Program for use with the company’s LED lighting components. 

“Adhesives and sealants are important to the production of an LED lighting fixture,” said David Cox, director of Alliance Development for Cree. “Incompatible materials such as adhesives can cause the encapsulant to turn brown and block light emitted from the LED. We are excited by Henkel’s development of Loctite products that meet our requirements and help to maintain the color point of our LEDs. Such adhesives help customers to ensure the consistent quality and long-term reliability of our LED lighting components.”

For additional information, visit www.henkelna.com/LED.