ADEKA Corp. recently announced that its REASOAP series has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to increase maximum usage levels in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesives) and 175.125 (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives). Since 2019, ADEKA REASOAP SR (anionic) and ER (nonionic) have been approved as food-contact reactive surfactants with a maximum threshold of 1% by weight (dry) of total monomers.

ADEKA recently received FDA approval to increase usage levels up to 3% by weight (dry), reportedly allowing adhesive manufacturers to achieve optimal polymerization stability. ADEKA reports that its REASOAP SR and ER are the only food contact-compliant reactive surfactants available for adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). 

PSAs continue to gain momentum in the food packaging segment, creating a growing need for adhesive materials that not only achieve attractive results but also comply with stringent FDA requirements. With the recent FDA threshold lifting, ADEKA REASOAP SR and ER can be used at higher levels in food packaging adhesives and PSAs to exhibit superior water resistance and transparency compared to conventional surfactants. 

ADEKA reports that REASOAP SR and ER enable adhesive manufacturers to obtain premium clear-on-clear, “no label” looks without clouding or peeling even in wet environments. In addition, ADEKA REASOAP’s ability to create a fixed bond with the adhesive resin reportedly minimizes the possibility of migration to foodstuffs.

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