Mapei SpA recently announced it has acquired 100% of the Turkish company Wallmerk Construction Chemicals Building Industry and Trade Inc. Founded in 2007, Wallmerk Construction is located in Polatli OSB, Turkey. The company manufactures waterproofing systems, special mortars and mortars for anchoring, tile adhesives and grouts, materials for thermal insulation, indoor and outdoor coatings, industrial floorings, and other construction materials.

“We are very proud of this acquisition,” said Veronica Squinzi, Internationalization and Business Development manager for the MAPEI Group. “It allows us to effectively enter the Turkish market, which we already serve through the import of our products produced in other European countries. Our internationalization strategy is based on a closer proximity to local customers and on a reduction of the transportation costs while constantly maintaining excellent quality thanks to our Research and Development centers. The Wallmerk acquisition moves us forward in this direction, allowing us to serve a very active and dynamic market in Turkey, which represents an important commercial connection from Europe to Asia.”

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