Graco Inc. recently announced its new InvisiPac™ Tank-Free™ hot-melt delivery system for case and carton sealing applications is available through distributors.Simplifying Case and Carton Sealing InvisiPac’s innovative tank-free design can significantly reduce the char created by traditional hot-melt systems because the adhesives spend less time at high temperatures. In addition, startup times on an InvisiPac production line will be approximately 10 minutes or fewer, compared to 35 minute startups for traditional hot-melt systems that use a tank to heat the adhesives.

“InvisiPac was engineered to solve the complex and costly problems associated with traditional hot-melt systems that rely on a tank to bring adhesives up to a temperature of 350°F or more,” said Nick Long, Product Marketing manager. “Without a tank attached to the system, InvisiPac reduces char and nozzle plugging, eliminates the need for constant tank scraping, and ultimately lowers the end user’s maintenance requirements.”

The InvisiPac system was designed for reliability and flexibility. While it can be used for case and carton sealing operations, InvisiPac offers a game-changer for numerous other hot-melt sealing applications.

The complete InvisiPac system includes a vacuum feed system, in-line melt chamber, heated hose and Graco-designed applicator. Its integrated vacuum system feeds adhesive pellets to the in-line melt chamber. A sensor monitors adhesive in the chamber, and additional pellets are automatically added as needed, based on the demand of the application.

With its efficient heat transfer design, the system has adhesive throughput capability equivalent to many hot-melt tank systems. The result is a continuous flow of adhesive during production that significantly reduces the time the adhesives sit at high temperature. 

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