The ECE Series UV light-curing flood lamp systems from this company are designed to optimize safety and convenience for process-controlled cures. The lamps reportedly ensure fully cured products and fast cure times, resulting in increased manufacturing yields. ECE series bulbs reportedly offer the industry’s most consistent intensity, are warranted for 2,000 hours and are CE marked for consistent worldwide use.

These versatile light sources are capable of curing adhesives, coatings, and inks, as well as parts with large bond lines or for simultaneously curing multiple parts in trays. They can also be used for prototype or bench-top production. Modular ECE series flood lamp systems consist of a power supply, reflector housing, and 400-watt metal halide UV-curing bulb. By adding accessories such as UV shielding, shutter assemblies, and mounting stands, these flood lamps can be used as either turnkey bench-top systems or integrated into an automated assembly process.

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