This company has released several new products, including: a structural epoxy adhesive with high hot-wet glass-transition temperatures (Tg); a halogen-free epoxy adhesive that meets the requirements of FAR 25.853; and a low-density, very high compressive strength edge filler. The products were reportedly formulated to meet the needs of aircraft manufacturers for easy-to-handle materials, providing fast, durable bonding of aircraft composite substrates and reinforcement for honeycomb panels.

Epibond® 100 A/B high-temperature, epoxy structural adhesive is designed for bonding primary composites components and metal parts. It can provide high hot/wet Tg with 94% property retention after exposure of 62 days at 145°F and 85% RH, and excellent high-temperature lap shear strength with 75% property retention.

Epibond 8000 flame-retardant, epoxy structural adhesive is free of halogen and antimony flame-retardant additives, and reportedly meets the flammability, smoke density, and toxicity (FST) requirements of FAR 25.853. It features high shear and peel strengths and can be used for bonding and potting inserts in aircraft interior honeycomb panels. 

Epocast® 1622 A/B low density, FST epoxy edge filler features a 0.77 g/cc density and rapid, 15-minute gel time with a compressive strength of 8,500 psi at 73°F (23°C). The flame-retardant epoxy syntactic meets the flammability, smoke density and toxicity requirements of FAR 25.853. It is formulated for fast fastener potting, panel joining and reinforcement, and edge closeout on honeycomb composite structures used in aircraft interiors. 

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