A free robot trial service from this company can provide an opportunity to first prove an automated dispensing application using a Fisnar robot before purchasing equipment or allocating engineering time to justify an investment. The company’s engineers can help select the right robot for an application and provide integration advice; only shipping costs will be charged. 

Companies send samples of the project, a sample of a satisfactory or best-effort completed part, and a sample of the fluid, paste, etc. to be dispensed. An MSDS accompanying the fluid is required, along with an electronic copy of the MSDS and TDS forwarded to Fisnar engineers. Upon receipt, the application will be programmed and a video prepared with a narration of the trial. The finished parts will be returned for inspection, along with a DVD, providing specific detail on how the trial was programmed and the recommended systems planning, together with any cautions.

For additional information, visit www.fisnar.com.