A new multi-tasking robot (model F9960N) is now available for dispensing applications ranging from miniature SMT circuit boards to larger PCBs and finished assemblies. A range of coating technologies can reportedly be appropriated for accurate and repeatable coating functions. The robot has been engineered to provide a highly functional and robust automated dispensing solution at an affordable price.

A 600 x 600-mm working area gantry robot is mounted within an enclosed free-standing platform. The F9960N system has been designed for work cells that require precise but flexible operational performance. The system can be integrated within a conveyor dependent in-line manufacturing environment or installed as a stand-alone module for independent working.

Applications for the robot include form-in-place gaskets, encapsulation, coating, EMI and thermal-grease applications, underfill, and sealing projects.

For additional information, visit www.fisnar.com.