PPG Industries recently announced the startup of a new electronic materials group (EMG) manufacturing cell at its Springdale, Pa., industrial coatings plant. This addition reportedly positions the company in the fast-growing global electronics market for conductive inks and coatings. The commissioning of the new cell marks the transfer of business and technology from industrial coatings producer Spraylat Corp., which PPG acquired late last year.

The EMG cell will produce two new technologies–graphene and nanosilver conductive inks–for specialized electronics applications in the medical, automotive, and telecommunications fields. The market for such technologies is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue growing for the next decade, according to Glenn Thornley, Operations director for Industrial Coatings.

“Conductive inks and coatings are exciting additions to our family of products,” Thornley said. “They provide us with an avenue to a completely new, large and fast-growing market. These inks and coatings are sold in relatively small increments, but they’re high-value products that continue to increase in demand around the world.”

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