New light-curing epoxy resins and acrylates are now available for lens production. The optical materials for micro-lenses are reportedly groundbreaking for the global consumer electronics industry, as they fulfill all quality requirements of micro-optics to the maximum extent.

“Our innovative DELO-KATIOBOND OM materials open up completely new possibilities to electronic manufacturers,” said Robert Saller, director of Sales. “Thanks to the highly transparent lens imprint compounds, giving excellent thermal stability and the utmost optical quality, our customers are now able to produce their innovations in a quick, uncomplicated and even cost-efficient way, and push new developments as well.”

The new products from the DELO-KATIOBOND OM family are characterized by minimal curing shrinkage, maximum optical quality, and dimensional stability upon thermal stress. In addition, they are reportedly easy to integrate into automated production lines, and therefore help manufacturers achieve high production volumes at low cost.

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