This company has released the REFLECTAmark® U 450 white reflective, reportedly the only wide angle glass bead retro-reflective product available in the U.S. FLEXcon is delivering a 4.5 mil urethane film with glass bead retro-reflective coating that also has a “greener” PVC-free construction.

Wide angle glass bead retro-reflective technology reportedly allows light to reflect from a wider angle than standard retro-reflective glass bead products, such as an approach of 70°. This means that objects off to the side are more easily visible, offering increased awareness and safety.

Standard glass bead products are designed to only reflect light directly back to the source, such as on a stop sign where a driver is approaching the sign directly or only slightly off to the side. With wide angle glass bead technology, objects further off to the side are now more visible.

This new product can be used for fleet vehicles with retro-reflective markings, plotter cut numbers/letters, and for roadside construction equipment—delivering night time visibility that enhances safety.

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