Momentive Performance Materials Inc. recently announced investments it has made to support its polyurethane additives product line. The company has added manufacturing capacity, technology resources and personnel to several sites across the globe. In China, the company has moved its polyurethane additives headquarters to Pudong, Shanghai.

In addition, the company’s Leverkusen, Germany, manufacturing facility has been expanded. The expansion is an investment for the polyurethane additives product line, as it reportedly increases manufacturing capacity and improves capabilities of both intermediates and finished goods. Momentive has also expanded its breadth of products in Chennai, India, reportedly focusing on slab and rigid foam production, again adding expanding capabilities to another corner of the world and the global network.

In Itatiba, Brazil, the company has added manufacturing capabilities that can reportedly specifically support the automotive industry, a critical need due to continued growth of this industry in Brazil and other emerging markets. With the ability to manufacture a wider array of products and a deeper mix of intermediates, the expansion at Itatiba can allow for more local manufacturing, as well as a shorter supply chain and improved service levels globally.

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