This company, a division of Franklin International, has expanded its line of adhesives for use in the manufacture of filters with FilterFAB 3000, a high-performing adhesive developed to enhance the performance of media used in residential and commercial air filtration systems. Filter manufacturers can spray the crosslinked, vinyl acrylic polymer adhesive directly on the filter media, thus enabling the now-sticky media to entrap more particulates from the air stream. The adhesive can dry quickly in an oven, minimizing additional production time. Further, its water-based formulation renders it easy to clean with water when wet, reducing cleanup time.

FilterFAB 3000 is a low-VOC, formaldehyde-free adhesive that is reportedly safe for the environment and for use in air filtration systems. Further, as a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it can be used for laminating multiple layers of media to achieve the desired performance level.

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