Submissions for the 2014 ASI Readers’ Choice Awards are now open! For details and to enter, visit the awards page.


Innovation truly drives the success of the adhesives and sealants industry. We created the ASI Readers’ Choice Awards to celebrate all of the industry’s hard work and ingenuity. Companies were invited to submit their best-of-the-best products in three categories (Equipment, Raw Materials/Chemicals, and Formulated Adhesives/Sealants), and our readers and online community voted for their favorite product(s).

I’m thrilled to announce that the votes have been counted, and the winners are: Equipment—Pico® 500 Hz Dispense Valve from Nordson EFD; Raw Materials/Chemicals—Low-Volatile Pure Monomer Resins from Eastman Chemical Co.; and Formulated Adhesives/Sealants—MS PLUS® Resilient with ACOUS-TEC™ from W.F. Taylor. Please see the additional information provided here for each of the winning entries.



Nordson EFD:

Pico® 500 Hz Dispense Valve

Nordson EFD’s PICO 500 Hz valve triples the speed of its jet dispensing system to increase manufacturing production and reduce costs. Using high-tech, robust, durable piezoelectric actuation technology, this non-contact valve applies precise and consistent amounts of fluid, as small as 0.5 nanoliters, with exceptional deposit accuracy and superior process control for the most challenging applications where a standard dispensing needle cannot be used.

Because PICO non-contact valves do not touch the substrate, they are ideal for dispensing on uneven surfaces or for products with small components, tight tolerances, or hard-to-access areas. The system is compatible with a wide range of fluids, including adhesives, lubricants, solvents and industrial fluids, for a broad range of applications in the medical, automotive, photovoltaic, and electronics industries. The PICO system dispenses at continuous speeds up to 500 Hz (cycles per second), making it the fastest piezoelectric valve available. For additional details, view the video and visit


Raw Materials/Chemicals

Eastman Chemical Co.:
Low-Volatile Pure Monomer Resins

Recent environmental concerns regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in various formulations prompted Eastman to develop the new Kristalex™ 5140LV, Kristalex 3115LV, Kristalex 3100LV, and Plastolyn™ 290LV resins in response to the demand for low-VOC raw materials. These aromatic polymer modifiers can be used for a variety of applications, including adhesives, sealants and TPE modification. Low-volatile (LV) grades also show very low residual monomer and total volatile organic content compared to current pure monomer resins (PMRs) available in the market.

In addition to lower volatility and residual monomer, the low-volatile pure monomer resin brands will continue to offer the expected performance of Eastman’s well-known PMR product line, which has been used for many years to modify SBCs, EVAs, and other polymers to balance cohesion, melt viscosity, and mechanical properties. Eastman’s low-volatile pure monomer resins also provide excellent color and stability and are a great fit for anyone with increased concerns about VOCs, but unwilling to sacrifice the outstanding performance of traditional Eastman pure monomer resins. For more information, visit

Formulated Adhesives/Sealants

W.F. Taylor:
MS PLUS® Resilient with ACOUS-TEC™

MS Plus Resilient Acous-Tec MBA Multifunctional Adhesive for resilient flooring now offers third-party-certified sound deadening ratings of 59 IIC and 61 STC, meeting or exceeding major building code sound requirements. Taylor MS Plus Resilient Acous-Tec is GREENGUARD certified for low VOC emissions, and qualifies for LEED credits, meeting California CHPS 01350 & SCAQMD Rule 1168 Requirements.

 MS Plus Resilient Acous-Tec provides very low permeability ratings and withstands maximum moisture levels of 10 lbs and 90% RH. MS Plus Resilient Acous-Tec is unaffected by concrete slab alkalinity, enhances thermal insulating properties, and imparts crack isolation protection, while offering excellent installations for all types of vinyl, VCT, rubber, fiberglass, polyolefin and felt-backed resilient flooring. MS Plus Resilient Acous-Tec replaces urethanes and epoxies, contains no isocyanates, solvents, water or hazardous ingredients and is bisphenol A (BPA) free. Visit for additional information.