This company has reportedly debuted the wide-format industry’s first mobile tablet application designed to help wide-format printing professionals and their customers specify the right pressure-sensitive print media for their graphics applications. Called DesignScape3D™, the app is a 24/7 graphics application consultant.

The app is reportedly built around common graphic applications and the settings in which they occur. The basic navigation can provide visual detail about where wide-format graphic products are used in the real world, allowing a user to choose one of six 3-D environments that each feature two or more views and rotating icons highlighting the many different pressure-sensitive graphic applications characteristic of each environment. This allows a user to see not only a specific application that might interest them, but also additional installation ideas or opportunities for sales.

For each application, DesignScape3D suggests products and provides technical data, tips, collateral, and laminate recommendations. Users can also request product samples and additional literature with a tap of the screen, and can email links to product literature.

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