This company has upgraded two Loctite® anaerobic threadlocker sticks to reportedly deliver advanced performance on oil-contaminated surfaces without requiring primers or accelerators. Formulated as wax-like, semi-solid adhesives packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator, Loctite® 248™ and Loctite® 268™ threadlocker sticks are designed to securely lock and seal threaded assemblies, fill gaps between threads, and prevent corrosion. The sticks will not leak or drip when carried in a pocket, stored in a toolbox, or used in an overhead application.

The 248 medium-strength blue threadlocker stick is typically used for machine tools, presses, pumps, compressors, mounting bolts and gear boxes that require maintenance or servicing. The 268 high-strength red threadlocker stick can be removed with localized heat and hand tools. Designed for more permanent, heavy-duty applications, this adhesive is typically used on heavy equipment; suspension bolts, bearing cap bolts and studs; and motor, transmission or pump mounts.

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