The beginning of each calendar year is a great time to take stock of our business and try to make some work-related New Year’s resolutions (aka, goals). What are some of your business-related New Year’s resolutions? How do you intend to address (and hopefully achieve!) them?

Chances are, finding ways to work smarter and faster will be on your list. This is a fundamental goal for successful companies in every industry, including adhesives and sealants. We’re kicking off the year in our January issue with several articles that can help you do just that.

Precise metering is an essential meter/mix/dispense function for many applications. One perhaps overlooked component of the meter/mix/dispense operation can cause multiple problems: hoses. “Hoses cause errors for many different reasons, but the underlying problem is the need to eliminate distance between the metering point and the dispensing point while remaining light and compact enough to be used in conjunction with a motion platform,” writes Ken Walker. “Eliminating Common Metering and Dispensing Problems” provides insights regarding end-of-tool metering units that can improve quality and efficiency.

Optimizing pail processing operations is another area that can provide multiple benefits to help you reach your goals. “Isolating the individual operations of pail processing to dedicated modular subsystems results in a highly flexible manufacturing line,” writes Jim Manoussakis. Read “Modular and Flexible Automated Pail Processing” to learn more about the various opportunities. 

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