Today, everyone is showing their individuality by customizing their electronic devices. For homeowners with unattractive or boring home security system panels, customizable keypads are now an option. Since many homeowners want their security systems to match or blend into their interior décor, General Label, Inc. sought to create graphic overlays that could be available in a variety of colors and designs without compromising the keypad functionality.

Traditional graphic overlays have been available for years, but they suffer from some challenges. Most overlays are not durable enough to withstand everyday use. Over time, they may fade/discolor or even impede functionality. In addition, they cannot be easily removed as homeowners’ needs change due to redecoration, renovation, etc.


Approaching the Challenge

General Label worked with FLEXcon to create a new type of graphic overlay that can overcome those challenges. Both companies understood they needed a solution that would allow homeowners to customize their security keypad and remove the overlay without worrying about residue or loss of functionality. Using one of FLEXcon’s FLEXmount® mounting adhesives, General Label’s graphic overlays allow homeowners to customize their security system keypads to match the décor of their home.

With FLEXmount double-faced, clear polyester mounting film coated with a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side and a permanent acrylic PSA on the other, General Label was able to offer the perfect solution. The removable acrylic PSA bonds well to metal, glass and high-surface-energy plastics.



Homeowners can select a decorative skin that is applied around the touchscreen keypad of their security system panel. The overlay is strong enough to withstand everyday use, but is easily removable without leaving residue.

This mounting adhesive enables homeowners to incorporate keypads into their home décor. Working with FLEXcon, General Label is able to give customers the ability to customize their security system to match their individual style.

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