AkzoNobel and Solvay recently announced they have joined forces with Ernst & Young (EY) to jointly develop a monitoring system that tracks and quantifies the use of renewable raw materials in coatings and other applications. The partnership reportedly builds on a previous agreement between AkzoNobel and Solvay in which AkzoNobel progressively increases the use of Solvay’s bio-based epichlorohydrin (Epicerol) in its coatings products.

Rather than buying Epicerol directly from Solvay, AkzoNobel reportedly obtains epoxy resins from a number of intermediate producers. The company then uses these epoxy resins as ingredients in various coatings. Under this new agreement, Solvay, AkzoNobel and EY will develop a “chain of custody methodology” to ensure that volumes can still be assigned and reported.

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