More than 20 tape manufacturing companies have engaged in the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council’s (PSTC) Responsible Tape Manufacturer (RTM) certification program since July 8, according to the association. Multiple companies have reportedly completed the certification process.

The RTM program, which was introduced in 2010, is a third-party audited system and a PSTC membership requirement. PSTC RTM certification reportedly acknowledges and raises the visibility of PSTC member tape companies that invest in being responsible manufacturers.

“In an uncertain and changing world, PSTC is helping members demonstrate that their products are made in a responsible manner with regard to the environment, people, facilities, and quality systems,” said Wayne Helton, PSTC Board past chair. “When customers shop the world, it is difficult to ascertain how product is being manufactured, but our RTM process helps members understand quality systems, environmental practices and, perhaps most importantly, how a company treats and manages its people. PSTC members think of themselves as stewards of the environment and of our employees, and that this is the right way to do business.”

PSTC’s RTM program recognizes good manufacturing practices as an integral part of the value that PSTC member tape companies bring to their customers. The program can reportedly deliver quantifiable differentiation between RTM certified tape companies and all other tape producers globally.

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