Eastman Chemical Co. recently announced it has completed a previously announced capacity expansion of its Eastman 168™ non-phthalate plasticizers at its manufacturing facility in Texas City, Texas. The expansion at the site has reportedly increased the overall capacity of Eastman 168 by approximately 15%.

“We are pleased with the completion of this important expansion,” said Jon Woods, business unit director for Plasticizers. “Since this expansion leveraged an existing asset, it was completed with minimal capital investment.

“With our view of global demand for DEHT at 500,000 tons in 2014, we see continued demand for non-phthalate plasticizers and expect the market to need our next phase of capacity expansion by mid-2016,” he said. “This additional capacity would also leverage the existing plants in Kingsport and Texas City and be a relatively low-cost investment that would take our full capacity for Eastman 168 above 200,000 tons. The combination of our Kingsport and Texas City manufacturing allows Eastman to sustain its leadership position to serve both the North American and export markets, with Europe being a particular area of focus.”

For more information, visit www.eastman.com.