The Post-it Brand from 3M recently released its Post-it Plus app, a new tool that can take the output of Post-it Note collaboration sessions and insert them into the digital world to keep team momentum going. The mobile app reportedly captures up to 50 Post-it Notes at once from a collaboration session and digitizes them, allowing groups to shorten transcription time, share, organize or refine ideas quickly and add to the discussion from anywhere.

“We see a trend of constant evolution in the ways people collaborate, communicate and explore their ideas, both on paper and in the digital space,” said Paul Kim, vice president and general manager, stationery and office supplies, 3M. “Post-it Notes continue to be the go-to tool for capturing thoughts and ideas in the analog world. As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, the ability to instantly capture Post-it Notes with the Post-it Plus App means that collaboration leaders can have the same simple, intuitive Post-it Note experience, and now share those ideas with others in the digital world.”

The app can recognize all square Post-it Notes, from 3 x 3 Post-it Big Pads. The app is free from the App Store on iOS 8 devices.

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