This company, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., has introduced LIQUIDARMOR™ CM flashing and sealant, a patented liquid flashing solution designed to provide commercial buildings advanced moisture and air sealing protection. An alternative to flashing tape, the elastomeric spray reportedly forms a tight, seamless barrier along the rough openings of windows and doors while helping to significantly reduce labor time. The new product can serve as an alternative sealant solution to conventional flashing and sealing products for installation of THERMAX™ or Ultra Air Barrier Wall Systems.

The water-based coating can work on a range of surfaces, including foam boards, steel studs, concrete masonry units, tapes, wood buck, and wraps. With sprayable, aqueous technology, it reportedly facilitates a consistent application using commonly available airless paint sprayers without measuring, cutting, or special accessories. In addition, the non-hazardous, liquid flashing solution can be safely sprayed without a respirator or extra ventilation required.

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