Premier Building Solutions, a provider of sealants, adhesives, foams, and flashing products, has announced XtraBond®9714 Liquid Applied Flashing & Sealant as the latest addition to its product line.
XtraBond9714 is a liquid applied flashing membrane that can be used to create a continuous, smooth barrier to protect a building envelope against the elements. The seamless air and water barrier provide instant protection.

For installers, working with traditional flashing tape around complex window and door openings can be a complex task with endless cutting, folding, and reconfiguring. Premier Building Solution reports that these applications are where XtraBond9714 is ideal. The product flows easily, taking the shape of the substrate, regardless of the complexity.

XtraBond9714 can be found listed in the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance’s latest document, AAMA 714-22. This document establishes the minimum performance and durability requirements for liquid applied flashing used to provide water-resistive seals around exterior wall openings in buildings. According to Premier Building Solutions, XtraBond9714 is one of the few that meet these requirements.

“Meeting AAMA 714 specifications was crucial to the development of this product,” said Chris Dooley, Premier’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “This identifies XtraBond9714 as a leader in the liquid applied flashing sector.”

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